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“You will never stand taller than when you kneel to help a child”


Thirteen years ago “Brighten Up for the Kids” was created to collect toys, and gifts as well as raise money for the children who will be staying at Akron Children’s Hospital of the Mahoning Valley during the holidays.  All toys, gifts, and monetary donations go to Akron Children’s Hospital of the Mahoning Valley and the special care unit for babies.

New for 2023! We have created a special fund for the hospital to call upon us to help in emergency situations.  If a child comes into the hospital and is in need of clothing, personal hygiene items, toys, food etc. we are able to help with funds raised. This means now more than ever Brighten up needs your help to build up that fund to be ready for the call at any time!  

100% of your donation is used for the community! We self fund all Administrative costs! 

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